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Whether I’m spending the night out in the backcountry in Alaska’s Denali National Park or car camping somewhere much closer to home like Illinois Beach State Park, I always bring a few of my favorite items along to enhance the experience.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite camping gear items, along with Amazon links in case you’d like to be a stalker and meticulously recreate my own camping experience. Of course, you’ll want to always do your own research and find the products that will work best for you!

This is just a small sampling of everything you’ll need for a car camping experience, but it’s a good starter list.

TETON Sports Trailhead Mummy Sleeping Bag

I finally took the plunge and went for one of those mummy-like sleeping bags. Man, does it make a huge difference when it comes to staying warm! This one is great because it keeps me warm and is very lightweight, which makes it simple to transport.

High Sierra Sentinel 65L Backpack

I wouldn’t bother packing up this sucker for a single night of car camping, but for multiple days in the backcountry, this High Sierra 65L backpack is my best friend. I can fit my tent, sleeping bags, clothes, and every other necessity inside it. My pack is orange, which I don’t believe is for sale on Amazon anymore. Sorry, you’ll have to settle for black, gray or navy :)

Leatherman Multi-Tool

You don’t have to be much of an outdoorsman (I’m certainly not) to get your money’s worth from a good multi-tool. The knives, mini-scissors, and/or pliers are bound to come in handy when you’re cutting firewood, setting up the tent, or preparing dinner over the fire. This one even has two mini-LED lights.

Coleman All-Purpose First Aid Kit

If you’re camping for more than a single night, or if you’re heading to the backcountry, a first aid kit is a no-brainer. And be sure to buy an emergency mylar blanket to add to your kit. As much as we’d all like to think we’re capable of surviving alone in the wild for several days like everyone on the Discovery Channel, the emergency blanket can be a lifesaver, and it’s less than $5.

campground picnic

Coleman Gas Propane Stove

Those barbecue grills at state parks can be grimy and disgusting at times, which is where the propane stove comes in. I’ll still use the campground firepits for toasting up some marshmallows, but when it comes to preparing actual meals, the Coleman is the way to go. It has two burners so you can prepare multiple dishes at once!

Frisbee Golf Discs

These are purely for fun. Frisbee golf is a great outdoor, woodsy activity that the whole family can play. I love hiking through the forest while playing Frisbee golf, trying to weave the shots between trees and over streams.

The golf discs are my favorite silly personal item to take camping. I think we all need to take something fun to lighten the mood and provide some recreation while we’re out there in the wilderness.

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What are your favorite camping gear items?

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