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Fuller’s Resort and Campground
Address: 1622 East Clear Lake Road, Buchanan, MI 49107
Phone: 269-695-3785
Time from Chicago: 1 hour, 50 minutes (89 miles)

Camping at Fuller’s Resort and Campground

I stumbled upon Fuller’s Resort and Campground a couple of years ago when, during a mid-October heat wave, I found myself craving a few days away from the big city surrounded by peace and quiet and nature. Where can you go camping near Chicago in October, I wondered.

Most of the campgrounds I called had already closed, but Fuller’s in southwest Michigan was open. Driving all the way to Michigan seems far, but it’s less than a two-hour drive – about the same length as a trip to Starved Rock State Park.

During my trip, the campground was mostly empty and I got a great spot surrounded by colorful trees.

fuller's resort leaves

During the height of summer, the resort is a lot more crowded, as many non-campers come with a day pass. Fuller’s has a popular lake and beach that attracts lots of visitors. There isn’t a ton of hiking to be had, but I did find a small, trail-less forested area to wander through.

There’s a game room and playground, emphasizing the fact that Fuller’s Resort is more of a family campground (think lots of kids running around) rather than a private, secluded spot for the nature enthusiast. The resort is open from mid-April through the end of October and its 170+ camping sites currently run from $22 for primitive sites to $36 for a full hookup.

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Prices go up on holiday weekends, and most weekends have a 2-day minimum stay requirement, so check their website for further details before making a reservation and heading over there. Overall, it’s a nice spot for family camping.

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